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To cleanse the intestines from gases, you need to take adsorbing drugs - activated carbon, Smecta or Filtrum, and do cleansing enemas at night. Immediately before an ultrasound scan, you should not eat later than seven o'clock in the evening and limit yourself to light food.

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Ultrasound examination is carried out as follows. The patient should free the upper body from clothing, lie on his stomach or on his side, or take a standing position. Next, the doctor applies a special gel to the skin in the lumbar region, which is distributed using a special device - preoultrasonic wave maker. Ultrasonic waves from the device pass through the skin to the organs under study and, being reflected from them, return to the device's sensor, which displays them electronically on the monitor screen. The use of the gel provides ease of movement of the transducer, displaces air between the device and the skin.

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The ultrasound examination process lasts no more than fifteen minutes. At the end of the session, the gel is removed, so you should bring your own towel to the procedure. Ultrasound diagnostics in children is carried out in the same way.

The only thing that is difficult is to ensure that the child is still during the study, which is important for obtaining a clear image and obtaining reliable information.

  • By the way, the doctor conducting the study must be notified about the treatment being carried out, about taking medications, since they can significantly affect the accuracy of the results.
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